About me

🎖 Skills

- Best practises at coding, SOLID principles.
- Development using Agile methodology.
- Proactivity and constant learning.
- Project management and communication.
- Languages: Native Spanish and high English level, spoken and written.

💻 Technologies

.NET Core, C#, VB.NET, ASP.NET, Razor, LINQ, Dapper, JavaScript, jQuery, Vue, Angular, SQL Server, Oracle, MVC, Web Services, WinForms.

⚙️ Tools

Azure, TFS, Git, Github, SVN, RabbitMQ, Postman, Swagger, SoapUI, Jira, ServiceNow, Redmine.

⌨️ What I am doing now?

- I work for UNIR as full stack developer.
- I am actually using Azure for my personal projects, although I am also learning about AWS and Google Cloud.
- On the other hand I am expanding my horizons and I am getting interested by mobile applications programming. I have done a few Swift courses for iOS and after that I want to learn Kotlin for Android.
- I am also in the process of improving my English, since despite having a good level I want to correct mistakes that I usually commit as well as expand my vocabulary in different areas.

⌚️ My career as a developer

I started in the world of programming at the age of 14, back in 2007. I found an article on the internet in a blog that claimed to be able to create malware with a simple notepad file... it was a batch script, but it completely caught my curiosity.

I spent approximately 1 year programming in batch, until one day I became curious to learn other more complex languages, and here comes the almighty VB6, oh yeah, goodbye MS-DOS and hello graphical interface. What a change.

I did learn a lot in Visual Basic, it was the language that really marked me to finish pushing me into the abyss of programming. I was quite young at that time, and I could not dedicate myself 100% to programming, but I had a great learning stage in those years. I also learned HTML and some other web knowledge, but programming desktop executables filled me more (at that time was trendy).

After about 2 years, other branches began to interest me, such as Networks and Computer Security. I walked away for a while of programming to enter into this other sub-world, which despite being quite complex, I liked it enough to dedicate time of my life to it.

Here I had a break for a few years (age and those things, you know), until I turned 23 and for things in life I arranged to make my hobby, my profession. I continued learning (both, officially and through the internet as I had done before) and you can see the rest of the story in the Work Experience section.